Masters Class (for our experienced adults)

In Motion Fitness recognizes the value seniors contribute to society. We strive to provide the environment and tools that enables our seniors to live full, active, healthy, and happy lives. Masters at In Motion fosters a community where seniors can connect with those who share similar interests and experience genuine support, and friendship. At In Motion Fitness we believe “Fitness Never Stops.”4b45f26e-20f2-44c6-b015-1d9706c8e668

Our proprietary Masters group fitness classes are designed to help you maintain and prolong your independent lifestyle though resistance training, increasing core strength, and improving balance and coordination.

Our class is tailor-made for you if you wish to do any of the following:
☑Maintain your home/lawn/garden
☑Keep up with your grandkids and their day-to-day activities
☑Stay active with your outdoor activities (golf, hiking, canoeing, tennis)
☑Keep your independent lifestyle

In our instructor led classes, we’ll work with you through each and every movement for the class. We focus on:

  • Stretching to maintain and increase flexibility through foam rolling and dynamic warmups
  • Improving core strength to help protect your back and improve your posture
  • Resistance training to slow, stop, or reverse osteoporosis through the use of body weight movement, TRX Suspension Trainers, and other weights
  • Improving cardiovascular health through smart and sensible cardio circuits

Our mission is to empower you to continue living a healthy, active and independent life through our program that focuses on core, stabilization, balance, strength, coordination and endurance and for a healthy, well rounded life.

Class Times: Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday 

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