Lower Body Strength Workout

In this lower body strength workout, there are 6 different exercises to circuit from. Finish the workout with Squat, Glute Bridge, and Lunge Cash Out (no equipment needed other than a chair, bench, or elevated surface)

1a.) 3x10t Single Leg Pistol

1b.) 3x10e Glute Raise

1c.) 3x3e 3-way Hamstring Touch

1d.) 3×10 Natural Leg Extension

1e.) 3x10e Get-up to hip bridge

1f.) 3×10 Elevated Hip Bridge

Cash-Out (:15 | :25 | :15)

:15 Squat Hold

:25 Squats

:15 Squat Jumps


:15 Hip Bridge Hold

:25 Hip Brides

:15 Pulsing Hip Bridge


:15 Lunge Hold

:25 Lunges

:15 Lunge to Hop


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