About Us

In Motion Fitness was established by two local fitness lovers, Megan Higginbotham and Andrew Linn, with the vision of transforming fitness from something you should be doing to something you love doing.

After having experienced both big box gyms and smaller boutique gyms (like Cross Fit), they were confident that fitness was more than mundane workouts or intimidating classes. That’s why In Motion Fitness was started.

In Motion Fitness is designed to help each individual improve overall health, gain strength and lose weight in an environment that is fun, rewarding and challenging.

“We create workouts that offer variety, which means that no matter what your fitness level is, you can become a part of our program and succeed. Our programs promote self-accomplishment through our personal achievement system that notes improvements in overall strength and endurance. We track and celebrate success together.”

We are more than a gym or a workout.  We are a group of people, friends, and community on the same mission to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness is not always easy but together we make it fun.


Name: Megan Higginbotham

Co-Owner/Chief of Progress

Favorite Exercise: The TANK

Favorite Phrase: Fitness Never Stops

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In Motion Fitness MN Members

Name: Andrew Linn

Co-Owner/Chief of Fun

Favorite Exercise: Stretchy Bands (keeps his body limber)

Favorite Phrase: Make Fitness Great Again

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Our Mission

We are relentless in our efforts to continually inspire and challenge our members in their fitness journey through a fun, motivating group experience

Our Community Values

We believe that a great gym starts with a foundation of core values which reflect who you are and best enable everyone to thrive. We didn’t just create these- Our members live these. This is what helps make In Motion Fitness the best gym around.

Support- We always support our brothers and sisters through challenge and celebrate with their success, this is what makes a great community

Positivity– While we aren’t yoga studio, we embrace the power of positivity. Glass is always half-full (we prefer overflowing!).

Humility– Our members thrive in a positive, ego-free environment. We embrace critique and feedback as a way to make us all better.

Respect– In Motion Fitness is a sanctuary of fun and challenge for our members. Respecting each other, our equipment and our facility makes sure this stays in tact. Basically, if something is spilled, clean it up. If it is broke- let us know. If you use something, put it back. And Most importantly-  “Do unto others..”


Average amount of money lost annually by not exercising


Adults not meeting the minimum for necessary fitness activities


The regret you will have joining us

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