We believe that great relationships form the foundation for any successful gym experience. That is why we hire the best coaches we can find. It is more than credentials for us. it is about values and character. We just happen to have all three in our team members. Oh, did we mention we have fun at the same time?

We believe in “a little serious, a lot of fun”.

We are confident you will love our coaches, many already do!

Name: Megan Higginbotham
Position: Co-Owner/Master of Progress

Favorite Exercise: The TANK
Favorite Phrase: Fitness Never Stops

Megan Higginbotham grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, where she learned that oranges are not always orange.

She also learned how to play five sports in high school and was known for her killer softball skills. This led her to receiving a four-year scholarship at the University of Minnesota where she received her Bachelor’s degree while taking names on the field.

After being an athletic trainer for two years and finding her passion was in fact fitness, she went to graduate school at Florida International University where she obtained her Masters degree in sport and fitness. While completing her Masters, she coached the Lady Panther softball program to a first time regional appearance. Multi-tasker and winner- check.

Megan realized that she was special. So special that normal gyms could not contain her innovative ideas and skill set. Being the winner she is, she knew that she could leverage her knowledge and experience to launch a truly unique and awesome community fitness program. In Motion fitness was born.

As an owner and head trainer at In Motion Fitness, Megan is very involved in training classes, program design and staff development. Her passion is to pass along the joy of fitness to as many people as possible. Megan believes that fitness can be a part of everyone’s life no matter size, shape or age.

Name: Andrew Linn
Position: Co-Owner/Chief of Fun

Favorite Exercise: Agility Ladder (makes me feel athletic again)
Favorite Phrase: “If you aint 1st, your last”

Certifications: Precision Nutrition, Reflexive Performance Rest 1 &2, USAW 1, RKC

Say hello to Andrew Linn. Unfortunately for Andrew, he grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. Fortunately for him, Nebraska is pretty flat which means that 18 years of club soccer fit perfectly. Andrew also dabbled in basketball, football, track, volleyball and badminton (this one may not be true).

As his love for Nebraska continued to stay with him after high school, he did what many other fellow Nebraska friends did, stay there. He attended the U of Nebraska where he received his science degree. From there he attended Creighton University where he received his Paramedic license.

Andrew worked as an analytical chemist in Nebraska for the rest of his life and to this day can be found working at the lab on the corner of main street with a piece of half-eaten corn in his hand.
Andrew realized after 8 years of Chemistry that his true calling was, in fact, to combine his knowledge of science, saving people’s lives, and sports in a field that would allow his true identity to thrive. This meant a move, marriage and few kids later Andrew was on his way to launching In Motion Fitness.

He has spent several years honing his fitness skills and coaching techniques. He brings all he has to In Motion every day. His team loves him and so do the members. We know you will like his amiable personality and signature poses.

Name: Penny Danks
Position: Coach/Personal Trainer

Favorite Exercise: Foam Rollers (It’s a good pain?)
Favorite Pastime: Anything sports related
Certifications: CPT, PES, NASM, CES

Not only does Penny have years of experience both playing and coaching various sports, she is also a CPT (certified personal trainer), PES (performance enhancement specialist)—Certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and is currently working on her CES (corrective exercise specialist).

Phew.. that was a lot. But you get the picture. She knows fitness.

Penny loves working with high school and college athletes across many sports including softball, volleyball, lacrosse and hockey. She would like to someday work with professional athletes as well.

She currently has many clients of all ages and skill levels with a variety of goals. Her progressive training approach helps strengthen athletes from the inside out as well as emphasize the importance of injury prevention training.

Name: Dane Bates
Position: Coach/Personal Trainer

Favorite Exercise: Lunges (because who likes walking the next day?)
Favorite Hobby: Anything that punishes his body- in a good way

Dane Bates has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 10+ years. Dane grew up playing sports and ended his collegiate career playing football at Augsburg College. While at Augsburg Dane received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.

Post college Dane starting running endurance events to ensure his years of athleticism would not go unnoticed by the world. This included competing in multiple obstacle course races, half marathons, 6 marathons and 1 IRONMAN. So what we are saying is- he is crazy. In a- “while normal people sleep, I choose to punish my body” – crazy.

He is a firm believer that “You either get better or worse every day you never stay the same.” So if you don’t want to get worse.. Talk to Dane.

Dane works with all types of client’s and will help you reach any goals.

His future plans include completing his 2nd Ironman (admirable or crazy?).

Name: Jeremy Lindquist
Position: Coach/Personal Trainer

Favorite Exercise: whatever combines multiple movements
Favorite pastime: Training for the impossible
Certifications: NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Level 1 Running Coach, USA Triathlon Level 1 Triathlon Coach, TRX Certified Group Instructor, CKTT Kinesiotaping Certified Technician

If the above does not impress you, maybe the fact that Jeremy has competed in over 50 endurance events over the last 10 years including road running, triathlons, and trail running. This has included completing 7- 100-mile running events, and 5 half and full Ironman races. Oh, and he was also one of the first to run a full marathon on the moon… okay, that may not be true.

Jeremy’s philosophy of fitness stems from the simple fact that movement drives performance. When he works with you, he takes a lot of pride in teaching about moving purposely and effectively to work towards goals. He believes fitness is meaningless without taking the time to work on moving well. He is passionate about teaching people how to move effectively, alleviate suffering from physical pain, and finally start to achieve your best performance.

He has helped 200+ people successfully complete a variety of goals. These include-
· 134 individual Personal Records for running and triathlon finishes
· 14 Boston Qualifier times at the marathon distance
· 6 National Level Competitive Triathletes
· 13 first time ultramarathon finishes (31+ miles distance in running)

Are you ready to be next?

personal trainer mn

Name: Jared Liston
Position: Coach/Personal Trainer

Favorite Exercise: Core, core, and more core  or “Person” Makers
Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, RPR 1

Favorite pastime: Reading

Jared grew up in western Wisconsin near the Twin Cities.  This did not, however, make him a Vikings fan or a Packer fan.  Go Lions!!!  Growing up Jared participated in track, and running has remained a lifelong friendship with Jared.  As the years have gone by Jared has continued running by entering many different 5ks,10ks, half marathons, and obstacle course races (and yes, they are much more fun than regular road races).

In college Jared studied business and sociology and spent several years working for a small business.  As time went by he moved into more of a dad role, which removed him from full-time work and he entered the fantastic world of personal training part time.  But once the family grew to three kiddos, he stopped training to become full time CEO of Liston, Inc.  Now that the kids are all off to school and he’s worked off his dad bod, he is getting back to personal training to help others realize that with the right mindset, persistence, and support, they are capable of great achievement.

Name: Elaina Dozier
Position: Coach/Personal Trainer

Favorite Exercise: Squats, Deadlifts, and Burpees (Woof)
Favorite Pastime: Anything outdoor related
Certifications: Massage, does she need anything besides that?

Elaina was born and raised in Minnesota! Hooray! She attended school at Concordia and received her bachelors in exercise science and also earned her NASM, Personal Training, RPR, and CES certificates. She has been doing personal training and leading classes for the past 9 years and loves every minute of it. Elaina specializes in sport specific training, injury prevention and rehab training, and dynamic strength training. If it’s summer and you don’t spot her at the gym, you’ll find her doing some sort of outdoor activity like kayaking.

Name: Ruth Maleski
Position: Coach/Personal Trainer

Favorite Exercise: To train…. glutes, back & shoulders (specifically hip thrusts, pullups & front raise variations whoop whooooop). Also loves man – makers ☺
Favorite Pastime: Me likey music
Certifications: CPT, PN1, Kettlebell Specialty

Ruth first became interested in fitness when she ran in a relay across the state of MN with Venture Expeditions to raise funds and awareness for refugees in the Middle East. She signed up for the event with very little running or fitness background and will tell you to this day that it was one of the hardest thing (both physically and mentally) that she has ever done. BUT it was also one of the most rewarding, enlightening things and ignited her desire to help others reach their own biggest goals.

Ruth has since grown away from distance running and now enjoys a mixture of weightlifting, circuit training, and HIIT style workouts built on safe and effective movement patterns. She is passionate about guiding women towards healthy, authentic lives through personal training and nutrition coaching. She believes that every woman has a powerful athlete inside of her and the capabilities to be consistent in training and nutrition. Her focus with both personal training and nutrition coaching is to help women dig deeper into their goals, build from the strengths that they already have and unpack a balanced, healthy lifestyle that can be MAINTAINED and ENJOYED.

Name: Katie Lupkes
Position: Coach/Personal Trainer

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts & Barbell rows
Favorite Pastime:  Restoring & customizing furniture, Owner of F.G. Restorations
Certifications: Bachelor Exercise Science, NASM CPT, FNS, CES, PES

Katie has her Bachelors in Exercise Science from Mankato, get her Personal Training Certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as a Performance Enhancement Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist certifications.  She is currently working on her RKC kettlebell certification and next is RPR . 

She has taken her love of fitness all over the globe, traveling with her Air Force husband, Justin.  They are happy to be back home in MN. Katie grew up on a large hog farm by Worthington, MN. Her family managed 2,000 hogs, 500 acres of cropland, 10 acres of sweet corn in the summer, and several hundred chickens.  Physical labor was second nature and from that she found a love of fitness and being strong! She has won a few powerlifting events while they were stationed in Turkey, sits in the 800lb club for the big three lifts, and has tried a few bodybuilding shows.  She loves to help others fall in love with fitness and see it improve their everyday life.

Our Team’s Core Values


  • We are committed to new and innovative ways to educate and serve our members in order to provide fun, motivating workouts for everyone.
  • We are committed to creating a friendly, energizing  and motivation environment where our members can thrive in their fitness journey.
  • We are committed to listening, understanding and responding to the interest and needs of our members and staff
  • We are committed to keeping our facility welcoming, clean and safe.