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Today’s Workout

Leggers…Strength (5 sets- no equipment needed)

1a.) 5x10t Single Leg Squat

1c.) 5x3e 3-way Hamstring Touch

1d.) 5×10 Natural Leg Extension

1e.) 5x30seconds each side Elevated Side Plank Raise

1f.) 5×10 Lateral Sideboard Lunge


Cash-Out x2

:15 Squat Hold

:25 Squats

:15 Squat Jumps


Stay Home Challenge

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Previous Workouts…

32 Minute HIIT

32 Minute HIIT

8 Rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest (32 minutes)

1) Elbow Bicycles

2) 2 Way March

3) V-Sit Knee tucks

4) Lateral Crawl to Shoulder Tap

5) Lateral Scissor Switches

6) Lateral Taps

7)Rotational Row Sit-ups

8) 45 degree In and Out


3 Rounds of Legs (body weight) + Cash Out

3 Rounds of Legs (body weight) + Cash Out

1a.) 3x10t Single Leg Pistol
1b.) 3x10e Glute Raise
1c.) 3x3e 3-way Hamstring Touch
1d.) 3×10 Natural Leg Extension
1e.) 3x10e Get-up to Hip Bridge
1f.) 3×10 Elevated Hip Bridge
15 seconds-25 seconds-15 seconds
Squat Hold
Squat Jumps
15 seconds-25 seconds-15 seconds
Hip Bridge Hold
Hip Brides
Pulsing Hip Bridge
15 seconds-25 seconds-15 seconds
Lunge Hold
Lunge to Hop


Upper Body Strength

Upper Body Strength

Upper Body Strength

3-4 Rounds :30 secs work :30 secs rest

  1. DB Row + Kickback
  2. Lateral Raise to Front Raise
  3. Incline Push-Ups
  4. Curl to Press
  5. Narrow Grip Floor Press
  6. Should Press w Rotation-right
  7. Should Press w Rotation-left