Transformation Challenge

Your 60-Day Transformation Starts Here!

Full Body Composition Analysis
Our state of the art In Body system will measure and track your current fitness status related to body water, proteins, minerals, and body fat- all of which are vital components of the human body fitness scale.
Complete Nutritional Program
We have partnered with Advocare’s 24-day challenge nutritional program to deliver you a complete nutrition program that will ensure you have exactly what is needed for your body (and it’s not just smoothies and green stuff).
*$1,000 Cash Prize
That’s right- We are giving away *$1,000 to the top two transformation members (1 male, 1 female). We are also awarding a 1-month free membership for the leader at our 30 day check in.

Vacation and looking great? Check

Intentional Coaching
Our coaches will walk alongside you from beginning to end. We always begin with making sure you move well first. We will then gradually increase your movements as your capacity increases.

Additional benefits include a free t-shirt, before and after pictures and individual consultations.

What Makes Us Different?

We don’t just throw you into workouts and hope for the best. We measure your fitness status from beginning to end, adjusting your workouts as necessary to ensure you are getting the most burn for your buck.

Combine this with our proven nutrition plan and, like those below, you will love what you see.

 Say goodbye to boring and hello to the new you.

Our next challenge will begin in the fall- stay tuned for registration and launch. Until then- check out our PUSH program!

Our Program

Our 60 day challenge pairs body weight movements and strength conditioning that enables you to build a solid, fit foundation.

We want to see you moving well first which means that our efforts are focused on proper form and flexibility, Like John Travolta Saturday Night Fever flexibility. We then focus on building your strength and endurance.

Say hello to toned abs, thighs, glutes, arms!


Total (with optional nutrition package)- $500



  • Confidence from looking and feeling great!
  • Flatten that stomach
  • Get those strong, defined arms that look amazing in a spaghetti strap
  • Turn that “Dad-bod” into a ripped bod
  • Chance to win *$1,000 and a 1-month free membership!


Class Times-

Most other programs have very limited times and dates for you to attend. We think that’s silly.

Our class times will be M-F 6:15am and 6:15pm and Saturdays at 8:15am and 9:15am.

Our next challenge will begin in the fall- stay tuned for registration and launch. Until then- check out our PUSH program!

*Must attend a minimum of 3 classes a week to be eligible for $1,000 prize

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