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Today’s Workout

Upper Body (Grab a DDB/KB)

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout 

All movements can be done with one or two weights. If using one weight, do 10 reps on each side.

  1. 3x10e Bent Over Row with pause if possible
  2. 3x10e Seated Dumbbell Press
  3. 3x10e Negative Fly To Chest Press
  4. 3x10e Single Arm Overhead Tricep Extension
  5. 3x10e Hammer Curl
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Previous Workouts…

Kettlebell/DB Home Workout #3

Kettlebell/DB Home Workout #3

Flow- 5 reps of each exercise on each side for 5 rounds



Front Squat

Overhead Press

Overhead Reverse Lunge

Lunges Hold Plus Press

Rest 1 minute after you have done your 5 reps of each exercise on you right and left side

The Grateful Dead(lift)

The Grateful Dead(lift)

Lower Body Strength Training Day

30:30 Work:Rest 3 Rounds (39 minutes)

Right Bulgarian Split Squat+plyo

Left Bulgarian Split Squat+plyo

Right Single-Leg Deadlift

Left Single-Leg Deadlift

Right Single-Leg Squat

Left Single-Leg Squat

Right Single-Leg Hip Bridge

Left Single-Leg Hip Bridge

Right Lateral Lunge to balance

Left Lateral Lunge to balance

Calf Raise-toes pointed in

Calf Raise-toes pointed out

Calf Raise-toes pointed straight ahead


Minute by Minute

Minute by Minute

Total Body Circuit (36-minute Workout)

Here’s how the workout will go:

Total body circuit for 5 minutes straight (change exercises at the top of each minute), then 1 minute rest,

Ab circuit for 5 minutes (change exercises at the top of each minute), then 1 minute rest

Repeat this 3 times

Total Body Circuit

Step Back Burpees (0-59 secs)

Jumping Jacks to squat (1-2 min)

Lunges (2-3 min)

Plank to Pike (3-4 min)

Skater Hops (4-5 min)

1-minute rest between rounds

Ab Circuit

Sit-Up (0-59 secs)

Superman (1-2 min)

Heel Touches (2-3 min)

Side Plank (30 seconds each side) (3-4 min)

Flutter Kicks (4-5 min)