Changing Fitness From "Should" to "Love"

Why In Motion Fitness?


Not seeing the results or experiencing the community you were hoping for at your current gym? Tried a big box gym or another smaller “boutique” gym but not the right fit?

Searching for an environment where you can be pushed, encouraged and have fun no matter your fitness level?

You’re not alone.

At In Motion Fitness, our 45 minute group fitness classes are designed for all levels of fitness, combining strength and endurance and intentional hands-on coaching- giving you the right tools to produce results while having fun!

Real Results, Hands-on Coaching, Amazing Community, Fitness for All Levels

Join a group of amazing people on a mission to live a healthy lifestyle.

Efficient 45 min class perfect for the busy lifestyle

Fat burning workouts

Muscle toning movements

Certified Instructor led group fitness classes

Some Kind Words

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What We Offer

PUSH Program

Push is the name of our group fitness class that combines both Strength and Endurance for a full body workout. Each 45 minute workout is programmed with your success in mind, not ours. Plus each exercise can be adjusted to your fitness level.
Hands-On Coaching + Proven Method + Dedication= Results

Start Here!

Looking for that next step? Come join some awesome people seeing great results. No intimidation- just real results.

Fitness Built for You

Fitness that Inspires

You want to be fit, feel great and have fun all at the same time- We get it and we live it.

Challenge with Purpose

You want programs that work with and continuously challenge you- That’s what we’ve built from the ground up.

Coaching That Gets It

You want to work with coaches that both know the industry and know your name- so do we.

Equipped for Success

You want a killer facility stocked with top line equipment? How about a 5,000 sq ft playground stocked with all of the right gear to kick serious butt!

Friendships that Motivate

You want to be a part of a great community that will both encourage and celebrate your journey with you- (Bragging moment) we have the best.
Fitting in was never so easy.

Are you ready to transform your health & fitness? Get 2 weeks of group classes on us!