Reflexive Performance Reset

What if I told you that your body and the vast majority of your muscles were not properly functioning? 


Be a better YOU

You are under constant stress, which is interpreted as survival mode by your body. When in survival mode your body utilizes harmful compensation patterns which can lead to injury.  Reflexive Performance Resets the body out of survival mode and into performance mode and corrects muscle activation patterns.

Have the ability to achieve what you are truly capable of. Most people, unless they’ve been Reset,  are not even scratching the surface of their potential. You are probably only utilizing 10-20% of your muscle potential.

What is Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR), how does it work and why should you get Reset?

The body has two priorities for survival; to breathe and to move. Without both we will die. The body finds ways to meet those priorities, and it’s willing to sacrifice anything else in order to do this. Our goals during an RPR session is to:

1. Transfer your body from a sympathetic state (survival mode) to a parasympathetic state (relaxed and recovered)

2. Muscle activation

By doing this, we achieve injury prevention, increased strength, increased performance, lowered resting heart rate, lowered your cortisol levels, and faster recovery from workouts and stressors.

RPR is complex enough that it can explain almost every non-contact injury you have ever seen and help prevent them from happening again.

*This is not a “treatment” for injuries and is not intended to “treat”, “fix”, “manipulate” or otherwise replace medical advice and/or treatment.

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