We only promote and use products that we know will add value to your life. Each of these below have passed a rigorous test by our team and many others to ensure that you have the best tools to help you live and feel great.

From nutritional support, fitness tracking and personal performance reporting, you will have only the best resources at your disposal.

Nutrition Support and Supplements- Advocare

This product is not only endorsed by the best names in fitness but has proven over 12 years to be the real deal.

This is more than just protein powder, this is a holistic solution for your nutritional needs. We use it because we believe in it. You can read more on their website. Connect with one of our coaches to learn more about what will work best for your body and goals.

MindBody/Engage App

Our app allows you to stay connected with our staff, view our schedule and reserve your spot in class. Push-notifications enable ease of communication with you so you can always know what is happening. #relevant

In Body

This state of the art program measures your current fitness status related to body water, proteins, minerals and body fat- all of which are vital components of the human body fitness scale. This system will continue to monitor and track your progress throughout your program. Yea for non intrusive programs that somehow know everything about you..