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Today’s Workout

Every Minute On the Minute

Alternating EMOM(every minute on the minute) 3 or 4 Rounds 

3 Rounds for 24 Minutes or 4 Rounds for 32 Minute Workout

5e Lateral Plank Walks

8e Curtsy Lunges

12e Skater Hops

8 Step Back Burpee to Lateral Hop

5 Forward Backward Bear Crawl

10 In/Out Front/Back (Front, Out, Front, Out=1 rep)

10e Alternating V-Ups

5 Box Hops (Back to the start=1 rep)


Stay Home Challenge

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Previous Workouts…

Side to Side

Side to Side

Conditioning 30:15-5 rounds (30 minutes)

Lateral Shuffle to Touch

Plank Jacks

Lateral Lunges

Quad Hold to Plank

Lateral Hops

Pike Taps

Hand Release Push-Ups

Lateral Plank Walk



30-minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

*If you want continuous cardio, jog in place during the remaining time

5 Rounds

7 Broad Jump to backpedal

20 Sit-Ups

4 Burpee Push-Up into 5e Mountain Climbers up with Burpee

2 Bear Crawl 8 Steps Forward/8 Steps Backwards

25 Plank Jacks

15e High Knees