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Today’s Workout

Lower Body Strength

Grab a weight to add resistance and difficulty

4x10e Lateral Lunges (touch weight to inside foot)

4x10e Single Leg Back Elevated Hip Bridge (right, left, double)

4x10e Single Leg Pistol

4×15-20 Donkey Kicks

4×1 minute Plank

Stay Home Challenge

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Previous Workouts…

“The Legs Feed the Wolf”

3 Rounds (6 minutes)
Squat to Forward Lunge
Sumo Squat
Hip Bridge

3 Rounds  (6 minutes)
Bent Leg InchWorms
Push Up to Shoulder Tap
90 degree switches

3 Rounds  (6 minutes)
Right side -Sprinter Lunge to Single Leg Toe touch
Left side -Sprinter Lunge to Single Leg Toe touch
Single Leg Walk-Outs


Upper-Body Day



2 Rounds-30 seconds each exercise
Arm Circles Forward/Backward
Knee Push-Ups
Bird Dogs


3×10 Pike Push-Up
3×10 Tricep Dips
3x20seconds Right Side Plank
3x20seconds Plank
3x20seconds Left Side Plank
3×10 Alternating Ball Push-Up
3×10 Cobra
3×10 Scapula Push-Up


The Total-Body Burner

Tabata Conditioning 20:10 (Work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds)


6 Rounds of

Switch Lunges
Plank Up Downs
Icky Shuffle
Burpee into 2 squat jumps
Power Skip
Forward to Backpedal
Leg Raises