Our Team

Favorite Exercise: Turkish Get-Ups

Favorite pastime: Reading, TV

Kendra Hubbel

Coach/Personal Trainer

Favorite Exercise: Turkish Get-Ups

Favorite pastime: Reading

 I have been working out and lifting heavy things for many years now and an excited to join to continue lifting and encouraging others to lift!
I am a nurse and social worker by day- volleyball coach, volleyball + softball player and enthusiast by night and weekend. I have experience with group fitness training since 2018 and enjoy encouraging, motivating and laughing with other people to help develop strength they didn’t know they had!
I love to read, watch trash TV (and good TV), love the Badgers volleyball team, have two dogs who are great and a husband who is pretty okay too:) I hate to cook and am warming up to liking skiing! Can’t wait to wake up early and meet you all!

Our Team’s Core Values

We are committed to new and innovative ways to educate and serve our members in order to provide fun, motivating workouts for everyone.

We are committed to creating a friendly, energizing and motivation environment where our members can thrive in their fitness journey.

We are committed to listening, understanding and responding to the interest and needs of our members and staff
We are committed to keeping our facility welcoming, clean and safe.

Make a seamless transition from at-home to in-gym workouts. Come experience our group fitness classes in-person!