What To Expect

What to Expect on Your First Day

Starting new things can be very intimidating. We all remember kindergarten, high school, college, your first job, marriage…

At In Motion Fitness we want you to:

Love your experience with us from the first day
Feel comfortable with the people and exercises
Experience a great workout no matter where you are at in your fitness journey

Here is what a normal day looks like at In Motion

Arrival You arrive at the gym where you will be welcomed by our awesome coaches and members.

Checkin You check in for class (we will show you how)

Pre-Stretching We recommend coming a few minutes before each class to get some extra stretch time in! Richard Simmons anyone?

Workout Begins!We start every workout at quarter after (unless you attend our noon class).

Warmup Every workout begins with stretching to warm you up for the fun to come! Our coaches will work with you on the best stretches for the workout

Strength Training This first stage will last anywhere from 15-20 minutes. Our coaches will show you how to perform the exercises and guide you throughout the class. We will have different variations of each movement to match your fitness level.

Examples of exercises include (click each to watch short video):
Body-weight Squats/Goblet Squats/Front Squats
Kettlebell Snatch
Barbell Deadlifts/Single-leg kettlebell deadlift

Conditioning After our strength exercises are finished we move into the conditioning portion. This part comprises a series of exercises paired together that will be performed at a higher intensity.Here is an example of a conditioning workout:
15 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible of:
5 Pull-ups/band-assisted pull-ups/TRX Row
10 Push-ups
15 Bodyweight Squats
200m Row or Sprint

Just like the strength portion, we have variations for every exercise to ensure you get the best workout possible while keeping you healthy.

Cool Down We recommend doing some simple stretches after your workout

Leave feeling great!We’ll send you off with a high five and a feeling of accomplishmentWe want to change your idea of fitness from “Should” to “Love”. We can’t wait to partner with you in your fitness journey!

Learn more about our team and who we are.
Grab some great nutrition/exercise tips on our Blog.

Make a seamless transition from at-home to in-gym workouts. Come experience our group fitness classes in-person!

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