In Motion Fitness Partner Challenge

Welcome to the In Motion Fitness Partner Challenge!

April 8th marks our 5th In Motion Fitness Team Challenge! Your team consists of you (the member) and your friend (the non-member) to workout and accrue points through the month of April to win some cool prizes. This is always a good opportunity to reinvigorate your fitness goals, win some prizes, and have some fun.

To ensure an effective and safe workout, classes will be separated into 2 group, our members (oldies but goodies) and non-member partners (newbies)

Please note, if someone has participated in one of our events before that they are not eligible to participate again.

Here are some important details and dates:
  • The 1st official day of the Partner Challenge is Monday, April 8th
  • The last official day of the Partner Challenge is Friday, May 3rd
  • We have two days available for your InBody (non-invasive body composition analysis) April 4th and 5th, you will be able to schedule your appointment through an email sent to you
  • Towards the end of the challenge, will send another email for you to schedule your InBody weigh-out. This will be May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
How to earn points:
  • Points for each lb of muscle mass gained
  • Points for each pound of body fat lost
  • Each time a class is attended (Daily)
  • Each weekly event attended
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Google Reviews
  • Additional Weekly Challenges will be awarded points. Challenges will be announced before the challenge begins