Don’t let the holiday season get you off track

The holiday season is meant to be fun and enjoyable, spent with loved ones and friends but if you have fitness goals that you are trying to reach, holidays can become overwhelming. Here’s how to prevent that feeling.

All of the parties and get-img_0347togethers in the office can lead to a lot of hard decisions and temptations. So, how can you avoid getting off track during the holiday season? Remember if you are trying to lose weight, you have to be in a caloric deficit, which means you have to take in fewer calories than you burn. Increasing caloric output with workouts and making sure your diet is in check is the way that you will reach this goal.


Here are a few tips:

Write your goals down- writing down goals adds accountability. 

Take measurements at least once a month. This shows you tangible results. 

Bring your own dish to parties. Something that is healthy and matches your goals.

Stay away from mindless eating. If you’re just eating out of boredom, drink a glass of water, then see if you’re still hungry. 

Maintain your workout routine. If you don’t have one…. you already know where to get one 😉

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