Benefits of Group Fitness Classes in North Oaks
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Written by Chad Hobot

July 27, 2021

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What if your workout was like hanging out with your besties in North Oaks?  What if your workout was super fun?  What if no stress, camaraderie, and elation could describe your workout?

Workout Classes Near Me North Oaks MN, Aerobics Exercise with Weights North Oaks MN, Aerobics Fitness Classes Near Me North Oaks MN, Cardio Weight Training North Oaks MNWell, hundreds of North Oaks area residents are taking advantage of workouts like these at In Motion Fitness.  Not by spending loads of money, but by simply joining a group fitness class at In Motion Fitness

In Motion Fitness offers the ideal North Oaks workout class program environment and is located just a few minutes’ drive from North Oaks.  Their “Push” group workout classes are 45-minutes, and they have something in them for everyone.  Push is not just an aerobics fitness class.  Instead, it combines aerobics exercise with weights and cardio weight training for North Oaks area residents.  Plus, Push fitness classes are offered every day, Monday thru Saturday.  In addition to flexible exercise class times, members are encouraged to participate in gym workouts at their own pace.  And if you can’t make it to a North Oaks group fitness class in person for whatever reason, you can jump on a virtual fitness class at your North Oaks home.

4 Benefits of In Motion Fitness Group Fitness Classes

Personal Training Programs North Oaks MN, Exercise Classes Near Me North Oaks MN, Group Fitness Programs North Oaks MN, Personal Training Near Me North Oaks MN1.  Enjoyable Workouts

There are several local gyms with fitness classes serving residents in the North Oaks area.  But In Motion Fitness routinely earns Google Reviews describing its group fitness program as “fun.”  And quite frankly, an exercise class needs to be.  Some of this is due to the energetic and supportive personalities of the coaches who lead each group fitness class.  They help remove any stress by guiding members with proper movement and exercise techniques.  Flexible group fitness class times are another stress remover.  But probably the biggest reason is members are encouraged to work out at their own pace towards individual goals in the company of friends and fellow members.  It doesn’t matter if you are using the fitness class as a weight loss exercise program, for aerobics exercise with weights, or for cardio weight training.   It is your group fitness program, everyone at In Motion Fitness is ready to help you make it a success.

2.  Motivational

The key to attaining any fitness goal is repetition.  Group fitness classes are no different.  A good recipe for repetition includes one part willpower and another part motivation.   Working out in a group fitness class is vastly different than trying to hit a fitness goal going solo.  It is simply easier to stay motivated working out with others in a fitness class.  It’s in our nature to do or emulate what others do.  Combined with a supportive environment of friends and other members, group fitness classes foster a healthy competition to achieve them.

Fitness Classes Near Me North Oaks MN, Gym Workout Classes Near Me North Oaks MN, Group Fitness Classes Near Me North Oaks MN3.  Learn New Workout Techniques

Monotony is the arch-nemesis of a sustainable workout regimen.  But the monotony is unavoidable when you work out alone at your home in North Oaks.  It is hard to plan out a different workout regimen every week by yourself.  However, you can sidestep this obstacle to motivation by joining an In Motion Fitness group exercise class.   Their group fitness programs combine elements of an aerobics fitness class with cardio weight training into aerobics exercise with weights.  As a result, each workout provides new opportunities to learn proper form and movements while mastering new techniques.

4.  Access to Professional Trainers

In Motion Fitness group fitness classes are coach-led, so in one sense it is like having a personal trainer.   But, if you want to dial up your fitness program and drill down to target specific fitness goals with a dedicated personal trainer, like for a weight loss exercise program, In Motion Fitness provides personal training programs for North Oaks residents.  In Motion Fitness’ personal trainers are extremely well qualified, helpful and the best personal trainers in the North Oaks area, committed to your personal training program and to your fitness goals.  To request a hassle-free personal training consultation, schedule it online today.  Or, we are so sure you will like our group fitness classes for North Oaks residents, sign up for our FREE 2-week trial today!

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