Finding The Perfect Workout Program
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Written by Andrew Linn

January 2, 2017

There are many different workout programs floating around the internet these days. How do you determine what is right and what will deliver the best results? Answer- it is not as complicated as you may think. 

Our experience has shown us that the following steps are crucial for you to see results, regardless of your chosen fitness program.

Step 1: Make your workouts consistent

When it comes to working out consistency trumps everything. It trumps the perfect workout program, the perfect movements, the perfect intensity all of it. If you’re not doing it consistently none of it matters.When your workouts become an idea and not an action- you lose.

I believe that in order for you to be consistent you have to enjoy your workouts. What’s the point of dreading going to the gym every day? (unless it’s because you know you will be challenged) That is why the vision of In Motion Fitness is to change your idea of working out from something you should be doing to something you love doing. Consistently challenge yourself, but make sure you have fun, otherwise, your commitment won’t last long.

Step 2: Be safe in your workouts

There are different variations/movements for every workout. It is important to understand that you must have an optimal range of motion before you add load, intensity or volume to a workout. Don’t let your desire for results, negatively impact your body. We have seen this far too often. You will see change, but we want to make sure this is good, sustainable change.  

Which brings us to…

Step 3: Increase your load, intensity and/or volume

In order for your body to become stronger and more efficient you must challenge it to adapt to new stimulation. Example, if you do 5 pushups every single day there is going to come a point where your body has adapted to that movement and will not improve. You have to progress movements to see an increase in strength and stamina.  

Further, you can always start at a basic form of any movement and increase to a more advanced movement. Example- If you are working on lats you can start with an inverted row, progress to an assisted (band, or platform) pull-up then move to a full bodyweight pull-up. Start at your current fitness level. If you are injured you certainly won’t be able to accomplish step 1.

Ultimately- there are workouts that are better than others. However, this will depend on your body type and goals. We develop our programs to incorporate both Strength and Conditioning for a well-rounded, challenging routine.

Whatever your program, following the above steps and incorporating a well-rounded nutrition plan will enable you to see the results you are searching for.

Til next time! Keep pushing yourself

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