Your Guide To Healthy Nutrition
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Written by Megan Higginbotham

October 6, 2016

If you watch television or read online you are inundated with different opinions on what proper nutrition should be.

Is Coffee bad or good for you? How much salt, carbs, and fats should I consume? Should I eat just the yolk or the white of eggs? Should I eat refined carbs, starchy carbs, and complex carbs? If you talked to a dozen people you would get a dozen different answers.

“Vegan is by far the best choice for optimal health”

“Avoid red meat and stick with everything green”

“Carbs are the main culprit of obesity- so avoid at all costs”

The easy choice to avoid being wrong is to never eat again or eat whatever you want. But we know how that turns out…

So where is this disconnect and how did this happen?

According to US News, in 2013 Americans spent billions over $60 Billion each year on health and diet.

This is understandable because if we didn’t have our health, our quality of life would be severely impacted. Needless to say, there are many out there who are seeking to get rich off of this necessity. Unfortunately, not all of these people have done their homework.

We buy things like DVD’s, books, strange looking weight contraptions (shake weights anyone?), diet plans that promise quick fixes with little effort. Many are tricked into believing half true marketing statements that are claimed to be backed by science. We want to believe this because we want to be healthy or look like that shimmering model on those cheesy infomercials.

We don’t want a chronic disease or unwanted belly fat so how do we avoid scams and do it the “right way”? Answer (ready for it?)- Follow a balanced diet of unprocessed foods and consistent physical activity- all in moderation. Easy as that!

Ok, I know it’s not really THAT easy but this is what our diet should consist of. We all know what that means for the most part. We have been taught this since grade school.

But what does this really look like? What foods are actually “healthy” and what are not?

Over the next few posts, I am going to layout a healthy, sustainable nutrition plan that you must follow!

Just kidding, but I do think you will benefit from it.

Here is what we will cover-

  1. Healthiest foods to eat
  2. Food to avoid
  3. Healthy habits to ensure you nutrition plan sticks
  4. Simple nutrition tips you can implement today

And much more!

For now- say no to processed foods and yes to ingredients you can understand.

See you next week!

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