The Importance of the Kettlebell Swing

Written by Megan Higginbotham

October 9, 2018

Do you ever wonder why we are always grabbing kettlebells in our workouts? Well we have a method to our madness.

In today’s age we spend so much time sitting at desks and driving in cars causing hip flexion that then leads to Lower-Cross Syndrome. What the heck is Lower-Cross Syndrome? Lower-Cross Syndrome is tight hip flexors and lower back with weak glutes and abdominals causing dysfunctional movement patterns eventually leading to back pain.

The kettlebell swing (watch our kb swing demo here) is the most powerful way to get your bodies into hip extension and also activate those always stubborn glutes while teaching our bodies how to keep a neutral spine and embrace our abdominals. What we’re saying here is if there was one movement to do for the rest of your life, it’s the kettlebell swing.

The kettlebell swing counteracts all of our poor postural movements and patterns. It is critical that we know how to hip hinge. One easy exercise (to work on your hip hinge) is to grab a broomstick place it along your back in contact with your head, mid back and hips. Work on keeping your spine neutral as you reach your hips back with a “soft knee (slight bend).”

Now, hear us when we say that if you are doing the kettlebell swing incorrect then you are not helping this dysfunction of the hip. We see it all the time, those people who grab a kettlebell and turn it into a quad dominant squat with a shoulder raise. It is worth it to learn the swing from a certified professional who knows the key components to a swing. At In Motion Fitness we are Russian Kettlebell Certified and teach the following patterns in the kettlebell swing.


Please note, if you’ve been suffering from some lower back injuries (bulging disc, SI issues etc), we recommend strengthening your core and posterior chain through KB carries, KB deadlifts, KB squats, and planks before moving on swings.

Key Positions: The Hike | The Extension | The Hip Hinge | The Finish





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