Workouts for home

Written by Megan Higginbotham

September 26, 2017

One piece of exercise equipment has been around for hundreds of years, withstanding all the latest fads and is still actively used in gyms and in the homes of fitness lovers: the kettlebell. It’s not only merely existing, but increasing in popularity due to its functionality and its combination of cardio and strength training. Correctly used, the kettlebell works every muscle in the body and provide the combination of strength and cardio training. So we created some workouts for you when life gets in the way and can’t make it to your favorite gym (In Motion Fitness perhaps). If you have any questions on the movements, please refer to our youtube page for step by step instructions here. We recommend the following weight for males and females, but of course you can go lighter or heavier: Guys:24kg/Ladies:16kg

Workout #1

Alternate Every Minute on the Minute

10 Front Rack Squats

10 Swings

Workout #2

10-20 Rounds (start with 10 rounds and add 2 rounds on every time that you do the workout to increase capacity)

30 Seconds Work/Rest

Right Side 1 of each




Left Side 1 of each




Workout #3

This workout contains: Jump Rope/Kettlebells/Sit-ups

Complete as fast as possible

500 Jump Rope

50 Kettlebells

50 Sit-ups

1, 50 Foot Overhead Carry Each Arm

400 Jump Rope

40 Kettlebells

40 Sit-ups

1, 50 Foot Overhead Carry Each Arm

300 Jump Rope

30 Kettlebells

30 Sit-ups

1, 50 Foot Overhead Carry Each Arm

200 Jump Rope

20 Kettlebells

20 Sit-ups

1, 50 Foot Overhead Carry Each Arm

100 Jump Rope

10 Kettlebells

10 Sit-ups

1, 50 Foot Overhead Carry Each Arm

Workout #4

16 Minutes Alternating Every Minute on the Minute

-20 Alternating Swings

-8 Snatch each arm

Workout #5

As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) Complete each side before switching

Kettlebell Complex

Single Arm






Workout #6

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) Perform all Right side reps then switch. Round is done once both sides are completed.

1 Turkish Get-Up

2 Clean and Press

3 Snatch

4 Swings

*To increase difficulty of these workouts try implementing a heavier kettlebell.

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