Why Working Out is Important Now More Than Ever
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Written by Jared Liston

March 26, 2020

These are strange days. Many of us are finding ourselves well out of our normal routine. With the uncertainty and change in daily structure (and more than enough family time?) stress levels are skyrocketing. When my nerves are frazzled I love to grab something to soothe those nerves (donuts anyone?). It is so easy to grab a quick fix, especially if your cupboards are stocked with snacks and treats. While short term fixes feel good, they are rarely good for you in the long run.  

To help combat stress and feel healthy and balanced for the long-term, day in and day out, try eating balanced meals, drinking plenty of water, sleeping 7-9 hours a night, and moving your body! There are many different ways to move your body: walking, jogging, playing tennis, basketball, rollerblading, yard work, yoga, lifting weights, having a dance-off, and In Motion Fitness FB Live workouts weekdays at noon! to name a few. Can’t make it to a Live workout? No worry, you can find replays of our Live videos on our facebook page. You can also use our Home Workout pages to get you through these rough times as well.

But why is it so important to workout and move our bodies? I’m glad I asked. (Yeah, I typed that correctly). There are so many reasons exercise is beneficial. To name a few:

  • Produces endorphins (feel-good chemicals)
  • Weight control (don’t we all)
  • Build bone density/help prevent osteoporosis (strong bones are a good thing)
  • Increases energy levels (more energy to get up for the game)
  • Reduce fatigue (It sounds counterintuitive I know – but move your body to get rid of fatigue!)
  • Relieve anxiety (who isn’t freaking out a little right now?)
  • Promotes blood flow and oxygen to the brain (you will thinks more better)
  • Reduces stress (It reduces stress people!)
  • Improves your immune system (It seems like a good time to have a strong immune system.)

And the list goes on. Yes! you can workout if you are mildly under the weather. However, if you have a fever, are coughing up phlegm, are fatigued from illness, have a stomach bug, have trouble breathing, or are dizzy – skip the workout until your symptoms have resolved. So as you go through your day and the stress is mounting, please do yourself (and those around you) a HUGE favor and get some exercise in. Do it every day, preferably at the same time to help with routine. Consistently working out every day will give you the best benefits. And if you aren’t sure what to do to exercise, join us on our In Motion Fitness FB page for Live weekday workouts at noon!


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